What is the Kentico EMS?

The Kentico Enterprise Marketing Solution is the perfect addition to the already feature rich Kentico Ultimate Content Marketing Solution. The set of tools complement the easy to use CMS, which enables non-techies to upload and manage the different types of content on their site, by offering 8 essential marketing modules that enable you to:

  • Use analytics to gain user behaviour insights

  • Personalise user journeys

  • Manage campaigns

  • Manage contacts

  • Create streamlined workflows through marketing automation

This means your business can efficiently execute multichannel marketing campaigns with ease, observing the effects of your content in real time.

Not only that, but it provides the coveted link between marketing activities and ROI through the all-seeing comprehensive, giving you quantifiable results to judge your campaign on.

Key Features

Content Personalisation and Segmentation

The Content Personalisation and Segmentation feature allows you to deliver relevant and appropriate content based upon visitor behaviour (e.g. purchase history, visited pages, downloaded documents) as well as the categories they fit into based upon age, location, and occupation.

The Visual Rule Designer makes it easy for marketers to define guidelines and rules for personalisation and segmentation, so you can create rules based on knowledge you have of your audience. This enables you to create new rules for a variety of real-life scenarios, regardless of technical knowledge, using the intuitively designed Kentico system.

With a more targeted approach to content marketing based on intelligent insights, you can replace inefficient mass marketing. Investing time and resources into delivering content based on user preferences or buying habits, shows visitors that as a business you are committed to delivering a great service at an individual level.

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Lead Scoring and Engagement Scoring

The Lead Scoring and Engagement tool enables you to identify where you should allocate your sales efforts using a point scoring algorithm based upon visitor behaviour. This means you are able to judge whether someone is a qualified lead with far more accuracy using data you have collected on users such as whether they provide a corporate email address, where they are located, what pages they view, whether they search for certain keywords, or the number of documents they download.

When you identify sales-ready leads, you can have the system send the contact details to the sales team by e-mail or you can export the lead data into your CRM. Kentico 8 comes with a built-in Salesforce.com Connector which allows you to filter contacts by their score value and replicate them into your Sales Cloud organisation as leads.

Watch the Kentico What Lead Scoring is & How to Use It video here.

Web Analytics

The Kentico EMS allows you to monitor, measure, and create reports using user behaviours based on real time data. These valuable user insights can be used to optimise your online presence, for instance, by evaluating bounce rates, top landing pages, top exit pages, average duration on site, the channels through which the visitors came on to the site, and many more metrics.

Kentico tracks the following statistics on a yearly, monthly, daily and hourly basis and all data is available with a minor delay, so you can track the progress of your site as it happens and respond swiftly. As you gather more insights and metrics, you can prepare future activities and campaigns with greater certainty.

You can also create various custom reports that suit your specific needs if you need to evaluate your site's performance in relation to a specific event, campaign, or time frame.

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A/B Testing and Multivariate Testing

The A/B testing and Multivariate testing modules allow you to test your landing pages to establish what works and what doesn't, leading to content optimisation and an increase in conversions. By creating alternative campaign landing pages that display different copy, images, and call to actions, you will be able to see which formula performs best. As you carry out more tests and gain experience, you will begin to establish what works for your audience.

Unlike other similar systems, the fully integrated A/B and Multivariate modules require no external applications and allow you to test, manage, analyse and test again without any technical knowledge or dependence on developers. This means that marketers have complete freedom when managing the tests, allowing them to make amendments or create reports as and when they need to.

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Campaign and Conversion Management

The Campaign and Conversion Management effectively bridges the gap between marketing and sales, linking campaign activities with ROI. The built in management module allows you to assess which campaigns are profitable and where your resources should be directed by tracking conversion value and linking campaigns with costs and results - which works for both the marketing and sales team.

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Contact Management

The Contact Management module allows you to gain a 360 degree picture of your users - registered and anonymous - by combining knowledge of their online behaviour with data stored on your existing CRM system using the System Integration Bus. This means that you can use data you have collected both offline and online to deliver personalised content, constantly evolving and improving their experiences with you.

Not only can you easily integrate Kentico data with external systems, such as your CRM or ERP, to make sure all your databases are up to date, but you can easily import your contacts into Kentico using a CSV file. With virtually no technical know-how, you can start utilising the powerful online marketing tools with far greater efficiency and ease through an integrated, simplified system.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is still one of the most powerful tools and methods of communication for marketers. It provides an excellent opportunity to deliver personalised, targeted messages to your users which can provide just the right amount of push to go from being a a lead to a customer.

That said, it can be hard to get right. That's why the A/B testing feature of the Email Marketing feature that allows you to test email content on a select group before being sent out is essential for success.With Email Marketing in Kentico, you can immediately see how many people opened the email and clicked the link, find out which content was most engaging and optimize your future mailings based on those results.

Watch the Kentico What Email Marketing is & How to Use It video here.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation allows you to bring together the EMS features to manage a precisely planned and well thought out approach to your customer relations by automating processes such as email dispatch, subscription and newsletter sending, synchronisation with your CRM, and assigning leads to sales people. This allows you to spend more time on optimising your campaigns as lead nurturing and cultivating relationships with clients and prospects is taken care of.

Marketing Automation is great for delivering content to prospective clients as they travel through the sales funnel, managing complex campaigns based on previous knowledge of your customers, guiding buyers if they fail to complete their purchases, and maintaining relationships with existing customers.

Click here to see and example of a marketing automation workflow, and watch the What Marketing Automation is & How to Use It here.

Who uses it

The Kentico Enterprise Marketing Solution is great for marketers, content creators, as well as sales people.

Every aspect of your online presence can be perfected through a rigorous process of creating content, testing, monitoring behaviour, and measuring analytics - informing you of how best to optimise your site content, emails, landing pages, and social media activity.

By tailoring your approach, you can deliver a personalised experience that encourages customers to engage with your brand. Not only will you customer be happy, but so will you, as you are able to target specific segments and increase conversion rates as you develop a better understanding of your market.

The personalisation of their journey with you is just the beginning. Through the Campaign and Conversion Management, Contact Management, Email Marketing, and Marketing Automation features of the EMS, you can nurture leads until they are ready - and then up sell or cross-sell!

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