Tellonline worked with Lanyon, an international provider of cloud-based software to manage meetings, events and travel. 

There were three main areas of immediate concern:
- Increase traffic and goal conversions to a reasonable level
- Better understand how users were experiencing the site
- Make the website more editable and provide the necessary training to the appropriate staff members

Tellonline was recommended to Lanyon as a Kentico Partner with the expertise to deliver a quick and effective solution with the potential to develop a longer-term partnership.

What happened next?

Through a UX analysis it was discovered that current user experience across desktop, tablet and mobile views could be significantly improved to increase goal conversions. Kentico EMS features were used to run some A/B testing on the homepage (comparing different designs, fonts, layout, etc), and also to track user movement. Tweaks were then made to the homepage according to the results. 

The URLs were remapped to ensure the correct pages were being indexed on search engines, thereby reducing the amount of 404 pages being generated, and analytics was set up effectively to ensure complete and effective traffic data was being registered.

To allow the client to make edits to the website and be comfortable in doing so, we provided an easy-to-use Kentico CMS with editable templates. The site was moved from an MVC to a portal engine, allowing greater freedom and flexibility for the client, with less skill needed to create templates. Key staff members were then trained in how to use the system so that they would be confident enough to take ownership and control of their own content.

“TellOnline were fabulous to work with. We needed someone with experience with Kentico CMS and although they were in another country, they worked with us tirelessly to help transform our website into something we could be proud of. From start to finish, their design, technical and customer support was top-notch. They communicated with us daily and were such a pleasure to deal with. We can’t recommend them highly enough!”

Melissa Gardner,  Vice President of Product & Content Marketing, Lanyon


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  • SEO
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