Using Kentico Personas

If you'd love to know more about your site visitors, Kentico Personas is an extremely useful and insightful tool to help you do just that.
In short, it’s a way to segment the people who visit your website by defining their behaviour and assigning them a personality. This way, you can display specific information to specific people - a very potent marketing tool for any modern business.
In more detail
To explain the theory in context, imagine a double glazing website is using Kentico Personas. Their traffic might include domestic customers, trade customers or market enthusiasts who are researching products, reviews and services.
These three ‘personas’ can be defined by performing extensive market research and selecting three clear groups (between two and six is recommended) around whom the website can be designed. Visitors can be assigned a persona depending on their activity and which pages they visit first.
Designing Kentico Personas
It’s best to start by identifying the people who represent each group or ‘persona’. You should study and attempt to understand the activities and behavioural characteristics of each person within that group and then add them using Kentico Personas, using as much information as you possibly can. Information might include their age, gender, origin and any habitual activities.
Benefits of Kentico Personas
The main benefits of using Kentico Personas is the power that it gives you, the marketer. When used correctly, this tool can boost engagement with your visitors and encourage increased loyalty. You can use Kentico Personas to tap into your visitors’ needs and wants, and therefore respond to them appropriately.
Displaying personalised, relevant content to visitors can significantly increase your return on investment by ensuring that your customers aren’t wasting time on irrelevant information and content. They’re only seeing what they’re interested in.

The process
As with all Kentico elements, the process of creating personas is straightforward and well thought out. You begin by visiting the ‘Personas’ application within the dashboard and clicking on ‘New persona’.
From here, you can assign a name to your new persona and begin to add in information about them as well as a persona image. Once you have set up the persona, you can continue to add more and more information by explicit rules such as age group and gender.
You can also set implicit rules which assigns points to each visitor depending on their activities on your website. Visitors have to gain a certain number of points before they are assigned to a specific persona. So, for example, if you have a ‘visitor’ persona set up, you could assign points by tracking people who head straight to your ‘How to find us’ page.
Harnessing the power of Personas
So you can easily see the potential that Kentico Personas offers. By building it up and adding lots of specific information, you can truly personalise your website and make each visitor feel special, like you already know them.
This kind of unique experience is what’s defining modern marketing strategies and it’s something every forward-thinking business should be capitalising on.

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Posted: 17/08/2016 16:21:17