Twitter Launches Fabric for Developers

At the cutting edge as usual, social media giant Twitter has recently launched a new service called ‘Fabric’ which is aimed at app developers. The plan behind this new move seems to be to ensure that Twitter keeps its head above water when it comes to new app development and remains the social network of choice, as well as offering a host of exciting new services.
What is Fabric?
In short, the purpose of Fabric is to help developers at every stage of their app-creation process, analysing bugs and programme crashes, helping with mobile ads and embedding real-time Twitter information in the app. This handy piece of kit helps to develop cross-platform apps while addressing the common problems that developers face, ultimately saving them time.
Why was it launched?
There are murmurs across the industry that Twitter is attempting to depart from being purely a social network, and becoming more of a mobile platform. Similar in ways to how Google went from being ‘just a search engine’ to developing YouTube, Chrome and Android.
Of course, that’s the cynical opinion. The official reason behind Fabric being launched is to make life easier for app developers. The service plans to reduce the time that’s eaten up by other forms of beta testing, ad networks, messaging infrastructure and crash reports, freeing developers up to focus on building user-friendly app experiences of supreme quality.
How will Fabric help developers?
Fabric will be comprise three main components:
  • MoPub - an ad service to help developers monetise their apps
  • Crashlytics - powerful in debugging developments and fixing problems
  • TwitterKit - a system that allows developers to seamlessly integrate updates from the network into their apps
App development is renowned for being rife with hurdles; Fabric aims to help out with the majority of these issues and allow developers to focus more on developing stable and exciting new apps, rather than getting bogged down in problems.
As well as the three main components above, Twitter has announced plans to launch a service that intends to replace traditional email-and-password sign-in on mobile. Called ‘Digits’ the service will allow users to sign up for new apps in two simple steps: sending a request and obtaining confirmation of their mobile number. The purpose behind this service is to offer a secure sign-in option that could eventually replace social media login options.
How will Fabric affect the industry?
The launch of Fabric signals a brave new move from Twitter to become so much more than a social network. Fighting against such industry giants as Google and Apple is no mean feat, but it’s looking more and more like Twitter might just be able to deliver some game-changing goods.
Watch this space!
Posted: 11/11/2014 16:06:46