Online Giving

Mobile phones, tablets and social media have changed the way people interact with and donate to charities. Online or digital giving provides instant opportunities for people to give to an organisation and then share their actions with others to increase the reach.

During the recent fire at Battersea Arts Centre a campaign for donations was set up within hours. Over £10k was donated within 12 hours, with £50,000 raised in three days.

In 2013 £2.5 million was raised online from 3.7 million Tweets through Twitter to Just Giving. This was a massive increase of 448% on 2011.

Why you need to think about digital giving

Online giving is growing and research shows people want to give online

Research by the Institute of Fundraising found that over the past four years the average online donation in the UK has risen by about 1/3, from £52.87 in 2010 to £69.70 in 2013.

In the 2014 Why We Give report by the Charities Aid Foundation 53% said that giving would be increased if charities embraced new technology.

People  are carrying less cash

People in the UK are carrying less cash than ever. 10 years ago 71% of purchases were made using cash, it’s now about 55%.

A cashless society is already having a knock-on effect for cash collection boxes.

Read about the future of charities in a cashless society on Barclaycard website

Increase Gift Aid contributions

Online donations can help increase Gift Aid donations as most sites have prompt and calculate the total donation for you. It can also reduce the admin as this is usually automatic process.

Find out more about Gift Aid

Access new donors

Online donations can help organisations access new donors. Organisations can encourage supporters to share your campaigns and their donations through social media to reach new audiences.

Getting supporters to share information about their donations can have a significant impact on whether their other contacts in their network donate. A recent survey found that 30% of people said they were more likely to donate after seeing someone share charity related content on social media.  

Just Giving found that every time someone shares their donation on Twitter it generates on average another £3 donation.

Online donations can also  help you secure  valuable information about the donor. You can easily capture a contact email or social media account to follow up with later with a thank you and more information on what you do.

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You can also collect Gift Aid on all donations and receive all the opted-in donor data after the event.

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Posted: 12/05/2015 17:58:26