Tellonline Charity Campaign 2014 is CLOSED

We have now closed out Tellonline Charity Campaign 2014! This year we have had an incredible response, and are now tackling the task of contacting all of the organisations who registered their interest in our scheme.

We are really proud of our annual campaign which is aimed specifically at non-profit organisations, as we are in the position to facilitate their online development and digital marketing strategies. With the opportunity to be awarded up to £5,000 worth of free webwork, we understand what a difference this can make to charities who simply do not have the budget for high end web development.

If you have registered your interest in the scheme, you will shortly be contacted by one of our team who will ask you a few questions to understand your charity’s mission, and what your digial needs are. You may have already spoken to us, but if not, we really appreciate your patience and look forward to talking soon.

If you have not applied this year, then we hope to hear from you next time!



Posted: 22/05/2014 09:20:53