International Day of Happiness

Today marks International Day of Happiness 2015! One of the key principles of the movement is the importance of human connection. By nature, we humans are social animals; we need other people, and we need real relationships with people to thrive. Despite technology enabling us to make connections with many more people than ever before, from all around the globe, it can just as easily isolate and remove people from investing in truly valuable relationships.

In the London office we have been thinking of ways we can boost our happiness at work, and came up with these 'Happiness Resolutions':

1) Have lunch together on Friday afternoons

It can be hard to pull ourselves away from various screens, for work or pleasure. Often a whole week will pass, and we haven't managed to all site around the meeting room table to enjoy our lunches and have a proper chat. In the summer months it is a lot easier, as the sunshine draws us out into the park (or at least the rooftops..); so we will now try to take lunch together every Friday afternoon, come rain or shine. Screens are not welcome.

2) Get out the office occasionally

Linked to the previous point...our next happiness resolution will be to leave the office for at least half an hour a day. We are very fortunate, as our offices are located in Exmouth market which offers so much in terms of different types of cuisine, independent shops that are filled with cute knick knacks, and is home to a lovely park. It's time we explored it.

 3) Fill the offiice with the sound of music

Music affects people in ways we don't fully understand, but what we do know is that the right song at the right time can change the general atmosphere of the office from only-slightly-more-cheerier-than-a-morgue, to lively and productive.

Lets see if we can stick to our happiness goals #InternationalDayofHappiness

Posted: 20/03/2015 12:46:21