Harmony Site Launched

We are excited to announce that we have launched Harmony's new company website!

The aim of the project was to design and build a visually impressive and captivating company website that is able to deliver the key messages concerning the company’s services and passion for innovation, whilst also facilitating easy content management.
In terms of business objectives, the new site needed to deliver an increase in conversions in terms of their enquiries ratio.

Our solution was to build a Wordpress site with a customised theme and tailored plug-in developments, which connect to external media sources.
The homepage is interactive/animated and invites people to find out more as the pages appear layered on top of one another like a book, giving a summary of their services, portfolio, how to contact them, and some insights into their experiments with new technology such as using virtual reality headsets and using motion capture software to create 3D characters.

The client and customers have already provided very positive feedback of the site, so we are hopeful that the site delivers both in terms of increasing visitors and commercially.

Read the full case study here.
Posted: 31/03/2015 09:09:21