Charity Series

Every year we run a Non Profit Campaign which gives charities the opportunity to work with us, delivering web services and digital solutions – for up to half of the cost knocked off! We promise to match your contribution up to a value of £5,000, meaning that on a £10,000 project you will be able to receive half of that for free. We’ll be launching the scheme on the 14th April, after which if you are a charitable organization you can apply to receive our funding towards the development of your site, banners, user experience, marketing and content. You can view a detailed explanation of the services we provide in the Services area of our website.

Despite the fact that charities may not have the same available budgets, it is key to their survival that they buy in to this new digital era too. The main objectives of a charity have to be 1) raise as much money through donations as possible 2) use the money that has been reinvested into the business as economically as possible. By using our scheme, you can improve your ability to do both of these as an investment in your digital assets will lead to an increased ability to deliver on campaigns, but you can be safe in the knowledge that you have used your allotted budget wisely by make a saving of up to £5,000.

Full details of the scheme will be made available after the launch of the campaign, including a timeline in regards to when the submission period ends and our predictions for how the work will be completed.
So keep an eye out for our up and coming blog posts!

If you wish to contact our team regarding this, email us at

Posted: 27/03/2014 14:25:13