How to Up Your Klout Number

Klout is a great social monitoring tool, which allows you to evaluate your social influence across multiple accounts including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

On average a person or bran will have a score of 40, and if they have a score above 63 they are in the top 5%. These scores can seem abitrary as its not immediately clear how they are calculated and what you can to improve it, so we've come up with out oen suggestions for how to increase your Klout score.

Firstly we need to look at people who have the highest scores to get an idea of who has already worked out how to be a highly influential brand or individual on social media. The Klout score page offers Obama, Justin Beiber, and Zooey Deschanel as good examples of people who have accumulated very high Klout scores. Obama ranks very highly on Wikipedia, Justin Beiber has one of the most followed and active Twitter accounts in the workd, and Zooey is not only very active across the board of social media platforms, she also has a very highly ranked Wikipedia page. However, I don't think these are neccessarily great examples to talk about here as they are not relatable or examples to follow considering their celebrity status which would automatically translate as Klout anyway - influence on the outside world of course benefits your influence on the web.

The examples included here are The Guardian and the British Heart Foundation, and they highlight the key aspects of becoming socially influential: creation of high quality content, engagement, and interaction.

The Guardian @guardian

guardian-copy.jpgKlout Score: 99/100
Twitter Followers: 2.32M
Facebook Likes:
Other social media: Award winning website, produces a large quantity of high quality content whcih is easy to share

The British Heart Foundation

_JlOV7fi_400x400.pngKlout score: 82/ 100
Twitter Followers: 109K
Facebook Likes: 237K

The British Heart Foundation

Klout is an great indicator of genuine social influence as it places far more weight on how much others rate you, than how many followers you are able to get. This means that producing content which is genuinely interesting and that people want to share is more important than sending out hundreds of tweets daily that stir little response.

Our simple advice is:
  • regularly publish original content
  • Regularly share relevent and interesting content from other users
  • Connect influencers

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Posted: 29/07/2014 15:45:18