Friday Chat With: Sam Wray - Junior Developer

Name: Sam Wray
Position: Junior Developer
Location: London

I’m a Digital Art and Technology student studying at Plymouth University, working at Tellonline for my industry placment 2014/2015.

Creating works with technology that people enjoy is what I love to do. Whether it's music, something visual, an interactive site or a brand new piece of hardware I thought up - if it brings a smile to somebody's face, or makes them go out and want to learn more about digital creativity, that's great.

Not only do I enjoy creating things, I enjoy helping people create things. Since first joining YRS (a young programmers organisation) and working with brilliant young minds, I've stayed on each year as a mentor for the Plymouth centre to encourage young people to keep programming and creating.


You can see an example of my work on µCollective, a community site for people to upload chiptune music.

I know the web basics; CSS, HTML, JavaScript, but also jQuery, PHP and MySQL.
Since owning my first Raspberry Pi I've also taught myself Python, got down to learning Bash and started learning Ruby.
Also from University, I've dabbled in; Java, Processing, PD and Max.
I've worked with the Phonegap/Cordova platform.

I can pick up most programming languages pretty fast.

Other things I know are:

  • Arduino
  • Composing music
  • Hardware hacking
  • Glitch art
  • Chrome Extensions (and bits of the Chrome API)
  • Git and Subversion

LinkedIn: Sam Wray
Twitter: @2xAA
ADN: @2xAA
G+: +SamWray
Posted: 20/06/2014 15:13:11