Best Free Social Monitoring Tools

Social Mention

social-mention.pngSocial Mention is great for creating highly analytical reports based upon individuals, organisations, and trends. It is an excellent tool as it:
  • Monitors over 100 social media sites
  • Measures influence in terms of:
    • Strength – the likelihood your brand is being discussed in social media
    • Sentiment – the ratio of mentions that are generally positive to those that are generally negative
    • Passion – a measure of the likelihood that people who are discussing your brand will do so repeatedly
    • Reach – measure of the range of influence. Its calculate by dividing the number mentions of  your brand by the number of unique authors
  • Top keywords
  • Top users – authors who frequently mention the searched individual/organisation/trend
  • Top hashtags - Most frequently used hashtags and the number of mentions
  • Mentions - the feed of mentions across the internet

Drawback: The accuracy of the tools such as Passion and Sentiment are questionable, but Social Mention is great to get an initial idea of your brand's online presence and influence.


  • Good overview of how much social media influence you have
  • You can monitor the effectiveness of your social media strategy, as the higher your Klout number, the more effective your social strategy is.
  • They offer  suggested content which is based upon what Klout believes your followers would be interested in. this could be useful in terms of providing you with ideas of what content to share or create next in order to build your brand's social influence as you will have a better understanding of what works.

Drawback: They don’t really offer advice on how to improve your Klout score. We will be posting a blog giving tips on how to improve your Klout score later on this week, so watch out for it!


tweetdeck.pngTweetdeck is a simple tool that anyone can use to easily monitor multiple Twitter accounts, manage account activity, and track trends. This is possible through:
  • Scheduling tweets, perfect for people and small businesses who want to maintain regular social media updates without spending of time doing so
  • Monitoring interactions and messages
  • Track hashtags
  • Manage multiple accounts that can be docked and visible on a single interface
  • Alerts enable you to be up to date in real time so you can stay relevant and respond quickly. This is especially useful if there isn't anyone specifically in charge of managing social media accounts.
Drawback: It falls short when compared to Hootuite which is superior in the sense that you can monitor far more social media channels such as Google + and LinkedIn, and there are more additional features that can help you to create full analytical reports. However, many people might not feel the need or want to pay for Hootsuite, in which case Tweetdeck is a good alternative.

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Posted: 16/06/2014 12:22:33