Kentico 8.2 Release

As you may already know, Kentico have ditched big software updates in favour of small but frequent changes. This is a positive step in our opinion as it means waiting months, as opposed to years, to receive updates. 8.2 is the latest release, and despite it being small, it is sure to make make a lot of people happy.

In 8.2 the key changes are bi-directional Sharepoint synchronisation, easy shipping calculations, and effortless contact import. So what do these changes mean and how will you benefit?

Bi-directional Synchronisation:
  • Now there is two way synchronisation, meaning that when you update Kentico, it updates you SharePoint data and vice versa
Easy Shipping Calculations:
  • Simple custom shopping module creation for online and offline calculations
  • You can now easily customise shipping options
  • This has been a long awaited for change.
  • For instance you couldn’t add individual shipping costs to individual products, and there was no UPS or FedEx API for integration.
Effortless Contact Import:
  • You will now be able to import contacts easily from external systems such as your CRM or ERP.
  • You can also import your contacts into Kentico using a CSV file.
  • We’re pretty excited about this update as using the nice framework, we can easily and quickly import a large amount of contacts.
Other changes:
  • Better social media integration – previously you couldn’t integrate LinkedIn
  • Better online forms – you can now drag and drop
You can read the full Kentico 8.2 description here.
Posted: 23/01/2015 14:36:32