Friday Chat With: Pedro Cuadra, Sales and Marketing Intern

Name: Pedro Cuadra
Position: Sales and Marketing Intern
Location: Plymouth
How long for: Since November 2014
Background: I’m from San Sebastian (Basque Country), one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. I studied Business Management at the Deusto Business School of Bilbao, and spent a semester at the Louvain Management School (Belgium) through the Erasmus program. I speak three languages; Spanish, French and English. This is my second work experience, since I interned during the last semester of university in an Investment Fund for promoting and investing in startups.

Interests in the industry: Nowadays any company (even the smallest ones) needs to be present on the internet. I like the industry because it’s growing constantly and is has plenty of opportunities. Also, it’s interesting because there is a lot of innovation and companies are always trying to find new ways to be more efficient and going ahead in the market.

Interests outside of work: Skiing, travelling and music.
Love: Driving, surfing and rock music.
Hate: Vegetables and rainy days.

Check out my professional profile and connect with me on Linkedin.
Posted: 20/02/2015 16:41:04