How Many of Me?...Labour's Creative Data Collection Scheme

At a time when the British public are becoming disenchanted with politicians, and young people are accused of having no interest in politics all together, finding a way to engage with voters in a memorable way is something which all parties desire - but very few achieve. 

The Labour Party appears to have stumbled upon a very simple, yet very effective online tool that not only encourages political participation, but also provides the perfect opportunity engage with people in a light hearted way whilst collecting valuable data.

The online tool "How Many of Me" allows users to discover how popular their full name and first name is using data of registered voters in the UK. It is very crafty in two senses...

1) Straight away there is an exchange in information between both Labour and the individual. The user freely passes along their name, email address, and postcode, and in return can find our how many other registered voters share their name. From that moment onwards, the Labour communications team have a direct channel to that person's mailbox. Despite the rise of social media and creative marketing tools, email still remains one of the most powerful methods of great work!

2) The novelty aspect of the app encourages people to discuss their results, which the site supports by providing them with an easily shared results image to post on their social media pages. Based upon current estimates, users have an average of 130 friends on Facebook and 208 followers on Twitter, so Labour has the potential to reach hundreds of people just through one share.

Although very simplistic, it taps into our desire to compare ourselves with other people, which can be a very powerful motivation. You can just imagine how disappointed I was when I realised there are 40 other Rachael Harvey's wandering around the UK...

On more serious note however, it is great to see a political party successfully engaging with 'the youth' in creative ways that encourages participation.

Posted: 18/02/2015 10:38:53