Lanyon achieves place in Top 10 Kentico Sites of the Month

Each month, Kentico celebrates the dedication and hard work that their partners and clients have put into the projects they deliver by publishing a list of the Top 10 Kentico Websites.

Tellonline worked with Lanyon, a large international provider of cloud-based software to manage meetings, events and travel for a vast range of clients including 80% of the Fortune 500 and thousands of small and medium-sized businesses.

Lanyon approached Tellonline with the objective of increasing the traffic and conversions on their website, as a result of a recent drop. They also wanted to better understand how to use the Kentico EMS and take ownership in managing their web content.

Tellonline was recommended to Lanyon as a long-standing Kentico Gold Partner with the expertise to deliver a quick and effective solution with the potential to develop a longer-term partnership.

Using Kentico EMS features, Tellonline was able to:
  • Run A/B testing across the site and track user movements, making informed changes to the UX and UI as a result
  • Remap old URLs which assisted in a huge improvement in SEO performance
  • Set up analytics and bespoke reporting to ensure comprehensive and informative traffic data and EMS activity was being registered
  • Overhaul the blog section, increasing the search function through adding more intelligent categories and filters
  • Integrate Kentico with Lanyon’s existing CMS and CRM
  • Provide an easy-to-use CMS with editable templates so Lanyon could easily manage their content
Based on data from two 4 week periods (before and after the updates) there have already been great results including:
  • 62% increase in unique visits overall
  • 114% increase in goal conversion rate.
  • Following improvements to the UX, the homepage saw a reduction in bounce rate from 61% to 53.31%.
As a result of these initial successes, Lanyon continues to work with Tellonline to progressively improve and maintain their online experience.

"Tellonline were fabulous to work with. We needed someone with experience with Kentico and although they were in another country, they worked with us tirelessly to help transform our website into something we could be proud of. From start to finish, their design, technical and customer support was top-notch. They communicated with us daily and were such a pleasure to deal with. We can’t recommend them highly enough!" - Melissa Gardner, Vice President Product & Content Marketing, Lanyon

"Kentico provides a fantastic platform which allows us to quickly deploy modern sites that look great and function brilliantly. For this project, the Activities module was vital, enabling us to track user movement and provide an informed recommendation to Lanyon. Kentico also offers a well designed content management system which has enabled Lanyon to have further ownership and control of their content" - Alex Johnson, Chief Technical Officer, Tellonline
Posted: 21/12/2015 16:52:26