Charity Series

You may or may not have heard that we have launched our annual Charity Campaign! Already in the blog I have introduced the campaign, discussed the merits of using digital tools to aid your campaign success and raise awareness, and looked back at our previous partnerships. Today I will explain how Tellonline can help you specifically.

Updated Website

Delivering a site which is both nice to look at and easy to navigate is key to the creation of a successful website because you want to encourage the user to stay and browse, engage with your content, and hopefully end their journey by making a donation or purchase.

Whether you just want a fresh, simply design website, or require a site built with more sophistication and complexity – updating your site is a necessity to achieving your charity’s objectives and surviving in this digital age. It’s the primary platform to communicate your charity’s identity and mission, so in the few minutes you have of their attention an excellent site can encourage them to stay within the site and want to learn more. Furthermore a good user experience means a happy visitor, and making sure that visitors want to engage with your online presence in the long run is key to nurturing long term support from them.

Responsive Design and App Creation

In order to compliment an excellently designed site, we can provide you with responsive capabilities to ensure that your site retains its attractive appearance and user experience regardless of the device being used to view it. More and more people are viewing content via their smartphones as well as making purchases, so charities must make sure that they are able to deliver in the same way as for profit organisations have adapted. It is no longer enough to have a well-designed site if the appearance and user experience are lost once viewed on a tablet or phone.

In addition to responsive design, understanding the mobile environment in regards to apps is essential to delivering the best solution for your site and for your users. This is not only suitable for traditional retailers, they can also benefit your charitt immensely in terms of creating a more accessible platform for commerce, sharing content, and building your brand. For example, charities can use apps as a way to maintain a conversation with donors – whether they are raising money for your cause through a marathon, or want to deliver content to keep them informed of your charity’s good work.

Content Strategy

To compliment a well-designed site, a clear content strategy and marketing plan needs to be in place otherwise it lacks a) content which will provoke interest in your cause and encourage support b) the mechanisms to drive traffic to view your content in the first place. Ultimately you want to achieve a balanced combination of appearance, experience, and substance.

With our marketing team and years of experience within this field, Tellonline are able to offer advice and devise a strategy for your charity to ensure that you are maximising the benefits from social media, and have created content for your site that is going to increase traffic as well as direct it to other pages within your site. Good marketing is essential for lead generation and donations, and so good digital marketing is essential for nurturing these leads in an online world where everyone is competing to be seen and engaged with.

Despite the rise of Twitter, the production of high quality, original content that is written for SEO is very valuable – it tells your story and forms a significant part of the customer experience. Rather than selling a product, charities must sell their cause so when people view your site or read your Twitter posts they are convinced this is a cause they want to know more about. Furthermore by really taking the time to manage content not only on your site but on every platform, the charity will be seen as relevant, accessible and engaging with the audience.


In addition to providing web solutions and digital strategy advice, we can offer our support through a high level of service, training, and maintenance after the site or app has gone live.  At the end of the day we want to be more than just an agency and client, we want to be partners – so we will offer our services in the long-term too.

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Posted: 22/04/2014 16:16:01