Whether you need design and development services, or are trying to get to grips with digital marketing and strategy, our team is here to support you.

Meet our team

  • Simon Budd

    Managing Director

    Year on year I continue to be proud of the company, its work, its successes and the relationships we have with our clients. If you are new to Tellonline and thinking of considering us for a project, engaging in a partnership or applying for a job, I hope you do. We truly have something that is lacking in so many businesses today: enjoyment in the work we do and integrity in the ways we do it.

    Alex Johnson

    Chief Technical Officer

    Ok, so I love technology. Always have, and always will. But why is it so important to me? It's the endless chess game, the ever-changing Rubik's Cube. My job asks me to solve a puzzle and technology provides the answer. Each year the puzzle changes and the technology is there to help if you know how. For those who solved the Rubik's Cube and remember the moment of finishing it, you'll know why I like my job.

  • Katrina Smiles

    Head of Finance

    Originally a company and commercial lawyer, I became involved in running businesses more directly over ten years ago when my children were small. My role has moved to encompass all the financial aspects of running a group of companies. Outside of work I like to spend my free time with my family, but also enjoy sneaking into the garden to wrestle with the weeds or read a book.

    Jani Quintairos

    Project Owner

    I’m the one who keeps everyone organised in the office. I love making to-do lists, and I especially enjoy ticking things off them. I'm a post-it artist. I studied advertising at university back home in Bilbao, and lived in Denmark for a year before moving to the UK. I can't say no to cheese.

  • Chris Booth

    Front End Developer

    The thing I like the most about my job is providing clarity. Our industry is a bit of minefield of jargon and ever-changing tech, so I enjoy guiding our clients through it, and helping them decide what is best for them.

    Lewis Mutton


    I recently graduated in computing from Plymouth University. I achieved an Upper second-class honours. Once I started my course, I knew that I wanted to continue to learn in the field; I loved being able to solve real issues as well as making quirky applications. I like to play a lot of different sports including football, tennis, darts and golf.